JLS Automation

Case Study

Supercharging Productivity and Reimagining Business Processes

Robotic packaging company JLS Automation is driven by their vision of developing technologies that make food safer and more affordable. JLS does this by providing hygienic, flexible, and reliable food packing solutions to customers that solve complex challenges and creating opportunities for rewarding careers. In order to keep their sales pipeline agile and informed, JLS needed to optimize their Salesforce instance. For JLS this meant integrating with Outlook and mobile devices, enabling offline data entry, streamlining custom interfaces, and improving quoting methodologies – all while bringing data into a powerful system with robust analytic capabilities. Candoris collaborated with JLS to mold Salesforce to their specific needs, which in turn enhanced their business processes.

The JLS sales team is motivated, and constantly on the move. They are legacy Salesforce users and recognized an opportunity to better support a fast-paced, mobile team. They looked to Candoris for expertise and help in identifying and subsequently implementing methodologies that would supercharge their team’s productivity by utilizing some of the many capabilities of the Salesforce Platform.

The Candoris team integrated Outlook with Salesforce and performed configuration and training on the use of Salesforce on a mobile platform. We automated processes to get the customer’s data where it needed it to be and in the form it needed to be in. Furthermore, we consulted and guided them on optimizing their sales pipeline and processes like opportunity structuring, RFQ processes, and the quotes themselves.

Most exciting of all, we recognized a synergistic relationship with JLS leadership. They saw and took the opportunity that optimizing Salesforce afforded them, and harnessed the momentum of change to improve internal business processes. Our team held working sessions with leadership, who in turn gained competence and confidence in using Salesforce and in taking initiative to acquire Salesforce administrative skills.

By listening to the customer’s unique needs, Candoris was able to be a catalyst for change for an innovative and respected company that continually aspires to make the world a better place.

“Candoris worked with us patiently and collaboratively to evolve our Salesforce deployment into a useful tool. Until recently, we’d used Salesforce as a glorified business card index and missed out on an incredible amount of value-add features. Further, their technical resources helped me learn how to help myself in the future as our needs evolve. It has been wonderful working with the team at Candoris, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or use them again.”

Steele Burchell, Program Manager